for D2 LoD v1.10
Current Version: v1.02
since 03.12.2007


Along with the usual quests you get from NPCs, there are several unmarked sidequests to do in the mod. Those will not be commented by the townspeople and you won't receive a reward from the NPCs for completing them. The reward is usually found in the level where the sidequest is located and is often one or more golden chests.

Chamber of Bone

"Beyond the Hall of Heroes lies the Chamber of Bone. Eternal death awaits any who would seek to steal the treasures secured within this room. So speaks the Lord of terror, and so it is written."
Accessed: From Catacombs Level 3
Requirements: -
Boss: Shadowdrinker
Reward: 4 golden chests, init of the King Leoric quest
General notes and strategy:

A good area-effect attack is a good thing to have in this level, as you'll be facing loads of Skeletons at once. The room they are located in does not have a door, so they will start popping out of it as soon as you approach it. Make sure you keep killing them as they emerge, otherwise you'll find yourself surrounded in no time. Books are very likely to drop in this level.

Halls of the Blind

"I can see what you see not.
Vision milky then eyes rot.
When you turn they will be gone,
whispering their hidden song.
Then you see what cannot be,
shadows move where light should be.
Out of darkness, out of mind,
cast down into the Halls of the Blind."
Accessed: It's a secret, find out by yourselves (or listen to an old drunk's ramblings)
Requirements: -
Boss: Warpskull
Reward: 2 golden chests
General notes and strategy:

This sidequest may prove hard for the unexperienced character. Try to keep your back against a wall, as Illusion Weavers don't notify you of their presence and you can get surrounded by them without even knowing it. Town Portal isn't the best thing to use in this level, you'll know why when you find it. The Halls of The Blind isn't always the same, so you will find the boss (Warpskull) and the golden chests in different place in each new game.

The Goat Shrineroom

"No hurt...No kill...Me give you things...No kill..."
Accessed: From a red portal in Tristram
Requirements: You need to have the current difficulty completed
Boss: Gharbad the Weak
Reward: 2 golden chests, good drops from monsters
General notes and strategy:

This is my answer to the Secret Cow Level of Blizzard - the Secret Goat Level! The Goatmen that you face in the Catacombs will oocasionally drop a goat horn when they die, collect 3 of those for later use. When you kill Diablo on the current difficluty, return back to Tristram. Transmute the 3 goat horns in the bag and a red portal will appear, leading to the The Goat Shrineroom. The level is large and hard to navigate, you will get lost in it for sure, so prepare for some wandering around. Also, a ranged attack is a good thing to have, as goat archers and mages will be attacking you from spots that you can't reach immediately. Make sure you draw enemies away from the Goatshrines, as they will be providing the monsters with an aura that increases speed and damage. Monsters drop good high-level equipment in the whole level, uniques and runes are very likely to drop too. Once you kill Gharbad the Weak you cannot access the Goat Shrineroom level on the current difficulty anymore.

The Infested Cellar

"... While attending one of the townsfolk who had taken quite ill, I noticed something odd about his home. There were strange sounds and a sickly sweet smell rising from the cellar. Thinking perhaps these fumes had something to do with his sickness. In his cellar were monstrous worms shifting and squirming up from the underground..."
Accessed: From a red portal in Kurast
Requirements: -
Boss: Warmaggot the Mad
Reward: 1 golden chest
General notes and strategy:

This sidequest actually consists of two parts - find your way to Hanaari's house in the infested part of Kurast, and kill the monstrous worms in the cellar to get to the golden chest. Access to the other side of Kurast is granted by a recipe: transmute a Stamina Potion, an Antidote potion and a Thawing potion while in Kurast to open a red portal. You will meet small groups of worms in Kurast too, but the real fight begins once you enter the cellar. Hanaari will be there to help you locate his house if you haven't completed Act 3, but if you have done so and return, it's too late for him and you're on your own. The house will be different in each new game.