for D2 LoD v1.10
Current Version: v1.02
since 03.12.2007


Only a small number of the D2 LoD recipes are active in Back to Hellfire. There is no upgrading of the runes, there is no adding sockets to rares and there is no upgrading from normal to exceptional to elite. Due to the nature of the item system in the mod, a whole new set of cube recipes was implemented.

Quest Recipes

Input Output Comment
3 pieces of Torn Note Reconstructed Note Required to access Duriel in Act 2.
Blank Runeblade + Blood Stone Azurewrath Required to access the Gaol in Act 3.
3 Goat Clan Horns Red Portal in Tristram Required to access the Goat Shrineroom sidequest.
Stamina Potion + Antidote Potion + Thawing Potion Red Portal in Kurast Required to access the Infested Cellar sidequest.

Book Recipes

Input Output Comment
2 random Books 1 Book for your class Use it to get rid of useless books.

Common Recipes

Input Output Comment
3 Gems of same type and quality 1 Gem of the same type and next grade Exactly like D2 LoD Gem upgrades.
3 small Rejuvenation Potions 1 full Rejuvenation Potion -
Normal Armor + Magic Jewel Socketed Armor Random number of sockets
Normal Armor + 2 Magic Jewels Socketed Armor At least 2 sockets
Weapon + 2 Blacksmith Oils Repaired weapon -
3 Magic Rings Magic Amulet -
3 Magic Amulets Magic Ring -
Magic Amulet + 1 Perfect Gem of each type Prismatic Amulet 16-20 to All Resistances
Magic Ring + 1 Perfect Gem of each type Ring of the Zodiac 16-20 to All Stats
Magic Ring + Perfect Ruby Ruby Ring 31-40 Resist Fire
Magic Ring + 2 Perfect Rubies Ruby Ring of the Mammoth 31-40 Resist Fire, 31-40 to Life
Magic Ring + Perfect Sapphire Sapphire Ring 31-40 Resist Cold
Magic Ring + 2 Perfect Sapphires Sapphire Ring of Wizardry 31-40 Resist Cold, 16-20 to Energy
Magic Ring + Perfect Topaz Amber Ring 31-40 Resist Lightning
Magic Ring + 2 Perfect Topazes Amber Ring of the Titan 31-40 Resist Lightning, 16-20 to Strength
Magic Ring + Perfect Emerald Emerald Ring 31-40 Resist Poison
Magic Ring + 2 Perfect Emeralds Emerald Ring of Perfection 31-40 Resist Poison, 16-20 to Dexterity
Normal Gloves + Perfect Skull Gloves of the Leech 3% Life Leech
Normal Gloves + 2 Perfect Skulls Vampiric Gloves of the Leech 3% Dual Leech
Normal Boots + Perfect Amethyst Balanced Boots 24% Faster Hit Recovery
Normal Boots + 2 Perfect Amethysts Balanced Boots of Acceleration 24% Faster Hit Recovery, 40% Faster Run/Walk
Normal Helm + Perfect Diamond Blessed Helm of Radiance 91-110% Enhanced Defense, +3 to Light Radius, +30 to Attack Rating
Normal Helm + 2 Perfect Diamonds Blessed Helm of the Heavens 91-110% Enhanced Defense, 12-15 to All Stats

Warrior-Only Recipes

Input Output Comment
Normal or magic Boots + Blacksmith Oil Boots with added Faster Run/Walk Speed Dependant on Boots of Speed skill level.
Normal or magic Armor + Blacksmith Oil Armor with added Defense Dependant on Enchant Armor skill level.
Normal or magic Gloves + Blacksmith Oil Gloves with added Increased Attack Speed Dependant on Gauntlets of Striking skill level.
Normal or magic Sword + Blacksmith Oil Sword with added Enhanced Damage Dependant on Enchant Sword skill level.
Normal or magic Shield + Blacksmith Oil Shield with added All Resist Dependant on Shield of Resistance skill level.