for D2 LoD v1.10
Current Version: v1.02
since 03.12.2007

Hall of Fame

This is where I'll post information and screenshots from people who have achieved something impressive in the Back to Hellfire mod. If you think you've done something exceptionally good and want to share it or brag about it, e-mail me and I'll post your ahcievement here if it qualifies.


She's the one person I know of who has completed Hell difficulty in Back to Hellfire. Impressive to say the least, considering the increased difficulty of the mod compared to vanilla D2 LoD. Here is a screenshot showing Evilpanda defeating Diablo in Hell setting (in Beta 4.04):


The first Hardcore character who completed Hell difficulty in Back to Hellfire. He did this in v1.01 with a Blood Wizard. Behold Kyphis and his hireling defeating Diablo in Hell setting:

Sadly, Kyphis died at level 96, missing the opportunity to become the first ever level 99 character reported. His achievment is worth the mention nevertheless:

D2 MOD Player

He might not be the first one to complete Hell difficulty (he's the first with a Bard anyway), but he deserved his spot in the Hall of Fame with the giant amounts of feedback that he provided and his ongoing support of the mod: