for D2 LoD v1.10
Current Version: v1.02
since 03.12.2007


On this page, I would like to thank everyone who contributed in any way to the creation of Back to Hellfire, be it helping with advices, testing, feedback or real work on the mod. The list is too long to remember, so if I missed anyone, contact me and I will add your name here.

AdiTT - for her support and love
PhrozenHeart, jbouley, Myhrginoc, kingpin, Alkalund, Nefarius, spin and Volf - for creating and maintaining the Phrozen Keep
kingpin, Joel, Red Havoc, Paul Siramy, Brother Laz, Volf, Nefarius and Char - for their advices and patience
Incandescent One - for the D1 monsters, item graphics and for inspiring me to make this mod
Paul Siramy, Joel, afj666, SVR and Darkstorm - for their wonderful tools
Rattlecage, Vendanna, Rizzmoe - for their support and ideas
Little Eddie - for helping me out when I was in need
Red Havoc, Adhin, I_only_pressed_Esc, ShadowLord, SVR, Brother Laz, Darque, Havvoric, Volf, Nefarius, Ulmo, Joel, Necrolis - for providing help on the mod
biobaba, Verbatim, Malachai29, Maxx Power, Cloud - the betatesters of closed Beta 3
Trimayne and Mystery - for sharing some of the Diablo and Hellfire secrets with me
Blizzard Entertainment and Sierra On-Line and Synergistic Software - for creating the wonderful Diablo games and their expansions

...and all the others who I may have forgotten.