for D2 LoD v1.10
Current Version: v1.02
since 03.12.2007


Back to Hellfire is a modification for Diablo II Lord of Destruction v1.10. It focuses on re-creating the feel and the atmosphere of Diablo and its expansion Hellfire while keeping some features from the sequel. Those are features that improve the gameplay in my opinion - arrows, boss graphics, mercenaries to name a few. Don't expect to get a full re-creation of Diablo and Hellfire in the mod - it's very different yet still close to them. After all, if Back to Hellfire was exactly Diablo: Hellfire, what would be the point in it?

Back to Hellfire has a different storyline to suit the bigger level environment scattered in the five acts. For example, you will find the Nest in the town of Lut Gholein, and not in Tristram. I can't limit Back to Hellfire to one act. Even if I could, I wouldn't do it, I love variation. I think this brings more fun in the gameplay.

So if you liked Diablo and Hellfire, if you love to get scared from monsters and advance slowly through the dark gothic levels - this mod is for you. Hope you will enjoy playing it at least as much as I did while creating it.